Lets talk about your morning routines. Generally most people of the 21st Century wake up take at around 5:00am, a time suggested in a random Elmore Leonard video. Once  awake you brush your teeth, shower get dressed and then have their breakfast which may or may not include a cup of  coffee or tea ,toast , eggs, or waffles for the fortunate ones. Or just a bowl of cereal with milk and maybe a fruit to balance it out. While some of us wake up go to the gym, then later on have their breakfast or just wake up get ready and hit a coffee shop on their way to work.

Point is here we all have our breakfast routines but lets talk about our coffee routines. I wouldn’t call the need for coffee an addiction but a survival skill and a guilty pleasure from time to time. Let me take you through a perfect morning routine after your ready and dressed for breakfast.

morning routine (1)

Close your eyes, “Imagine your self getting into a kitchen where you find that first morning cup which is the best part of the day and literally the reason to get out of bed.The aroma first hits you at the door then when you sit down and take your first sip the taste (oh my God the taste) the freshly ground beans and the much-needed jolt of caffeine takes you to cloud 13 and back.The lady serving you gives you a big broad good morning smiles and  instantly your morning is made.”

Now open your eyes and come back to reality , the purpose of this article is to pave way to a new series of coffee articles ‘ IN PURSUIT OF DELICIOUSNESS” and in the pursuit of the perfect coffee house where you can just sit and enjoy your cup of heaven.

Ciao see on the next cup of coffee. 🙂