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Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Wambui Mukenyi?! To me its amazing gorgeous draping  gowns.And what do you think of when you hear that song “1000 miles by Vennessa Calton” ?, your answer should be  a bride walking down the isle, just like the wedding in the twilight series when Bella and Edward decide to tie the knot in the woods.Romantic huh?

Well every girl deserves to go kuku when it comes to a perfect wedding dress and perfect wedding party. I know i do. So Wambui Mukenyi went a head and did us all a favour and came up with a spectacular wedding gown collection.

On the 12 of July Wambui Mukenyi revealed her new collection at The Sankara Hotel Westland Nairobi. The gorgeous gowns that she has are to die for.

Here check them out see if you could be the next glowing bride in one of her designs and tell us what you think.

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World class designer Wambui Mukenyi is the QUEEN of draping . I would definitely get her gowns.

Here are some pictures from the launch
Diana Opoti in a Wambui Mukenyi dress

Carol Odero

Sarah Hassan and Wambui Thimba


Stylist Sunny Dolat


Photography by Ben Kiruthi.
And eye-con photography

Ciao amigo :-).