Voluptuous does not  start to describe this girl, am so sure she is every man’s dream she was glowing even I wanted a piece of that. Then he came next to her mounted her and turned her on.He then he looked straight into my eyes put on his helmet and rode off, I felt a chill down my spine. I kept wishing that I was there to ride with him on that motor cycle. Seeing as men identify their rides as girls, that bike would have left you hanging on your every breath. Every biker uniform consists of leather and that’s what it does to you. Leather adds sex appeal, a sense of danger and edge to any outfit and It’s a trend that has rooted into our closets for the past year or so.

here are some favourable ways of doing leather and being successful at adding that edge to your outfit

be its the quirky good girl trying to add some edge by adding a leather jacket or leather boots



be it a girly girl pairing up a leather pleated skirt with just a tee


different types of tops you can get


or our favorite crop top


try out black on black and leather on leather just like Nicole

black on black leather on leather

no matter who we are we all need some excitement in our lives and as it is said you only feel how your dressed. Get your piece of a bikers’ dream of leather and be one with what the leather represents.

kindly comment if you agree or disagree.