Is the 90’s here to stay??

It may seem so cause every time i see someone in a crop top or denim anywhere in their outfits or mum jeans (  of which it should not catch on at all) i get nostalgic. Realy does feel like i got into a time travel machine and went way back when it was okay to wear baggy jeans yikes!!! Although i think we can turn the 90’s into a cooler chic 2014 fashion. So that next time you think you want to have a throw back here are some tips.


Grunge is a subgenre of alternative rock that emerged during the mid-1980s and has been a dominant in the streets since then. So why not? It is characterised by unkempt look, and in many cases, pieces of clothing are paired together that don’t match. The look often has a thrift store vibe, with lots of layering. Over the years it turned to “neo grunge” or “glange – glamorous grange”.

creating that effortless-effort look!

beanie hats, collage jackets and the worker bootsImage

having plaid shirt tied around your waistImage

crop tops are definitely here to stay : the 2014 fashion capitals fashion week is our evidence.Imagenew-york-fashion-week-spring-2014-day3-10

Large graphic artImage

Word play, graphic writingsword playPhotoGrid_1395328268415and finally denim …..its the cherry on top of the ice creamdenim jacket

feeling nostalgic yet?? i know i am,,,,, i believe this is the only part of the 90’s fashion we should keep with us….and don’t forget to glunge it up- put some glamour into that grunge and your ready to go.