This is an event only for the elite in Kenya who like to have a lovely afternoon be happy and network….and its never just that, THE FASHION HIGH TEA is always out to support a good cause after all is said and done and this year it was no different. This years donation went out to supporting The First Lady’s Beyond Zero campaign to raise funds to purchase and deploy mobile clinics across the country to provide better prenatal delivery and post-natal services to the under privileged. And each ruffle was only @ KSH 200.

Happens annually and has been at the Zen Gardens

The event started at around 2 pm that’s when you would get to see all those amazing outfits and smiles ……

the floral pant suite looked amazing on her( Anabel Anyango) plus it was just a perfect fitImage

Men too all came in their different shades of blue… right?….Image

during the advert they always tell you to carry your stylish hats and well these two ladies did just that. LOVELY…I specifically loved their make up it was flawless…. Image

this one young man blew my mind by adding “a little something…something” to his accessory list ……A  CANE….and his white coat and the shirt everything was just out of this earth….he was definitely one of my favorites Frankie Sayalel A.K.A Kenyan stylistaImage

From here everyone had to get some drinks and i must say the service was superb there something for everyone

beer from heinekenImage    

Gin from BULLDOG which is of British origin


some mojitos from campari


this guy,he called himself THE MIXOLOGIST made me a drink with so much zeal i could’nt help but go back maybe thats why he’s known as the master. He is that guy you want making your drink



and sadly the show ended but my drink was ready and it was time to mingle


The best part about being in the company of amazing people is that even when the rain decided to pour the show still went on people still had a good time talking and meeting new people

Image                                             Image                                              Image

They said come shop and we did

Image                                              Image


and then came the food some went around with the waiters but some were still at the buffet. They had a sushi bar that made our taste buds  joyous

Image                                             Image

after some food and drinks there was obviously a fashion show in place for a few designers they had some strong pieces in their collection these are some of my favorites

Image                                                  Image                                                  Image                                                   Image

Image                                                              Image

there’s this one lady that just cracked me up but in a good way ……she definitely made my day she has a heart of Gold.


when it was all said and done and it was time to go home and get ready for the after party i had had a pretty much enjoyable day…the atmosphere was mature, elegant and calming BUT they should at least try bring in better designers….to spice things up a bit!!!!

Just as all good things come to an end so did the event and if i may say so A GOOD WAY TO START THE FASHION YEAR OFF. Cant wait for next year. CIAO!! 🙂